Webinar Series 2020: Helping Families through Separation and Divorce

ICCFR 66th annual conference, November 2020

Webinar Series:

Helping Families through Separation and Divorce: Collaboration, not Confrontation, in a Plural Society

Dates: 4/5, 11/12 and 18 November 2020

The 66th ICCFR annual conference, due to take place in Berlin in October, has had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, we have great pleasure in inviting you to our 66th annual ICCFR conference: webinar series.


Family life and models of relationships between married (or unmarried) couples are diverse and so are the arrangements made in the case of divorce / separation. In this year’s conference, we want to shed light on different legal and family support procedures that aim to increase the chances of having a good relationship, even if the partnership is over. The focus is especially on the children, the most vulnerable individuals in this process, who are wholly reliant on high-quality support in order to help keep them in a close relationship with both parents.

We expect the series to raise these important questions, among others:

  • What are the legal and social frameworks with regard to custody, access and support after a divorce / separation? How does this framework influence the intensity of conflict / situation of separated parents, as well as their children?
  • How do these legal and social and frameworks affect the social situation of parents?
  • What is the role of (pre-trial) mediation procedures for an amicable settlement in divorce / separation?
  • How can / should those (pre-trial) mediation procedures be shaped to have a significant positive role?
  • What kinds of distinct mediation structures for pre-trial conflict resolution already exist and have proven helpful?
  • What relevance does the notion of “shared parental responsibility” and “children alternating between different parental homes” have and what measures exist to cope with this challenge?
  • What methods have proven useful for determining the child’s wishes / best interests in divorce proceedings?
  • What kinds of arrangements exist to strengthen the protection of children’s interests?
  • Are there any solutions for cases of separation / divorce for “social parents” and their children?
  • How successful is collaboration between lawyers, courts and social workers in helping families before, during and after the separation / divorce process? Are there any good examples for interdisciplinary practice to help the families?
  • How can consonance after separation be supported?
  • What should the role of the grandparents be? How can established relationships be sustained?
  • What are the legal and political needs for future development?

The webinar series

These topics will be discussed in a webinar series including three sessions. The three webinars will feature speakers from the USA, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, South Africa and Australia.


  • 4th / 5th November 2020: Session 1
  • 11th / 12th November 2020: Session 2
  • 18th November 2020: Session 3

The webinars are scheduled at different times to take account of different time zones around the world (see ‘Timings’ below). However, to ensure that you don’t miss out on accessing any of the webinars, the proceedings will be videoed and be available for registered participants to view afterwards.

Timings are listed for several places in the world, starting with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Session 1, Wednesday 4th / Thursday 5th November 2020
Timings suitable mainly for real-time viewers in Europe, the Americas and Africa

  • UTC 16:00-18:00 (4th November);
  • San Francisco: 08:00-10:00;
  • Boston 11:00-13:00;
  • Central European Time 17:00-19:00;
  • Hong Kong 12:00-02:00 (5th November);
  • Australia (east coast) 03:00-05:00 (5th November)

Session 2, Wednesday 11th / Thursday 12th November 2020
Timings suitable mainly for real-time viewers in the Americas, Asia and Australasia

  • UTC 02:00-04:00 (12th November);
  • San Francisco (11th November): 18:00-20:00;
  • Boston (11th November): 21:00-23:00;
  • Central European Time (12th November): 03:00-05:00;
  • Hong Kong (12th November): 10:00-12:00;
  • Australia (east coast) (12th November): 13:00-15:00

Session 3, Wednesday 18th November 2020
Timings suitable for real-time viewers in Asia, Australasia, Europe and Africa

  • UTC 09:00-11:00;
  • San Francisco: 01:00-03:00;
  • Boston: 04:00-06:00;
  • Central European Time: 10:00-12:00;
  • Hong Kong: 17:00-19:00;
  • Australia (east coast): 20:00-22:00


The webinars will be held by Zoom.


Registration has been closed.


  • Ingrid Cranfield, ICCFR Administrator: administrator [@] iccfr.org
  • Sven Iversen, Association of German Family Organisations: iversen [@] ag-familie.de


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