Webinar by Joanna Kosinska-Wiercinska

Webinar by Joanna Kosinska-Wiercinska


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Ukrainian Refugees in Poland
How service systems are working with displaced Ukrainian families

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, 4.5 million Ukrainians, mostly children, women and the elderly, have sought refuge in Poland. The overwhelming favourable response by the Polish people has been remarkable. “It is our war too,” say the Poles.

The Webinar will examine the legal, social service, medical, psychological and basic needs support that started on Day One of the war, and how life has changed for the refugees and their hosts.

The work continues, with no end in sight.


Dr. Joanna KosinskaWiercinska

  • Member of the Warsaw Bar
  • Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL)

Specializing in divorce, separation, child custody, domestic violence and all matters related to family law.

A 90-minute Webinar featuring a presentation and live question and answer session


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