International Commission on Couple and Family Relations

Rome: thanks for workshop proposals

ICCFR 65th International Conference

Grand Hotel Palatino, Rome, Italy

14th-16th November 2019

Preserving family life through hard challenges

Welcoming, integrating and providing social and economic support for refugees from war, famine or poverty, and migrants, within and between countries, constitute an urgent worldwide challenge of our times.   

The conference will shine a light on the ways in which families and children are impacted by dislocation and relocation, and how social workers, therapists, family lawyers and policy-makers can ease or solve the difficulties they encounter and preserve family life.

Keynote presentations from different parts of the world, backed up by workshops allowing participants to share experiences and learn new skills, will form the major part of the conference. The ICCFR community seeks new connections with students, academics and practitioners with expertise in the areas of its focus.

ICCFR wishes to thank all those who submitted workshop proposals, all of which were of an extremely high standard. Naturally, we were limited as to the number we could accept, so some excellent proposals have had to be rejected. However, we are grateful to all for their interest in the conference and hope that they will choose to participate in other ways.