Conference Subtopics

Subtopics for 2022/23

The theme of the ICCFR 2022/23 conference/webinars is:

The family offers a lifetime foundation to build resilience and elasticity

We have developed the following subtopics on which to focus in 2022/23. These subtopics will be highlighted in our programming for webinars, seminars, articles and conferences:

  • The intergenerational connections in the family during the pandemic
  • Legal implications for family disruption
  • How have family court systems adapted to sustain services during a pandemic and budget cuts?
  • The economic repercussions of instability on the family
  • The impact of global trauma on the couple relationship
  • The interruption of education and its impact on children
  • The role of technology during and after the pandemic
A 'wordcloud' showing the words 'education', 'interrupted', 'implications', 'trauma', 'court', 'global challenges', 'legal systems'

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2023 Conference details


12 – 14 May 2023


Care For The Family Headquarters
Newport, Wales

Tovey House, Cleppa Park, Newport NP10 8BA

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