Conferences 1953-2021

2021 Webinar series

“Couple and Family Relationships in Times of Crisis”

2020 Webinar series

“Helping Families through Separation and Divorce: Collaboration, not Confrontation, in a Plural Society”

2019 Rome, Italy

“Refugee and Migrant Children and Families: Preserving Family Life through Hard Challenges”

2018 Valletta, Malta

“The Couple Relationship in the 21st Century: Evolving Contexts and Emergent Meanings”

2016 Trento, Italy

“Strong Families, Strong Communities”

2015 Berlin, Germany

“Changing Times: Impacts of Time on Family Life

2014 Brussels, Belgium

“The Family in Focus: The 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family”

2013 London, UK

“Surviving Crisis: Putting the Couple Relationship at the Heart of a Early Intervention Agenda for Families”

2012 Boston, USA

“Collaboration instead of Collision: Family Law, Social Policy and Joint Practice”

2011 Ghent, Belgium

“Family and Social Workers: A Successful Marriage?”

2010 Malta

“Empowering Families as Sustainable Partners in Social Policy”

2008 Helsinki, Finland

“Sustaining Successful Marriages and Relationships: Dream or Reality?”

2007 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

“Barriers to Access: Finding Paths to Inclusiveness”

2006 Lyons, France

“Families and Democracy: Compatibilty, Incompatibility, Opportunity or Challenge?”

2005 Vienna, Austria

“Differing Needs: Societies’ Responses to children, parents, families, couples and the older generation”

2004 Tallinn, Estonia

“Never the Same Again? Families and their Relationships – Ten Years after the Year of the Family”

2003 Leuven, Belgium

“New Harmonies: Families Holding Relationships, Work and the Generations in Balance”

2002 Sydney, Australia

“Distance, Diversity, Dislocation: Families Facing Globalisation”

2001 Stockholm, Sweden

“A Question of Time – Partners, Parents: Perceptions and Priorities”

2000 Berlin, Germany

“What Produces Changes? – The Forces Impacting on Relationships”

Report Conference 2000, Berlin (EN)

Report Conference 2000, Berlin (FR)

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Conferences 1953-99: Vive la difference


Places and Dates of conferences 1953 – 1999:

1999 Durban, South Africa

“Reconciling Violent Relationships”

1998 Oxford, UK

“Vive la Différence ? – Men and Women in Relationships”

1997 San Francisco, USA

“Second World Congress on Family Law and the Rights of Children and Youth”

1996 Fribourg, Switzerland

“Values and Families: Intergenerational, Professional and Societal Perspectives”

1995 Siófok, Hungary

“Who Pays? Employment – Unemployment: Changes and Consequences for Couples and Families”

1994 Tuusula, Finland

“Who Cares? Implications of Caring Responsibilities for Couples and Families”

1993 Baden, Austria

“New Families? Changes in Societies and Family Relationships: Effects upon Couples, Parents and their Children”

1992 Newcastle, Northern Ireland, UK

“Marriage across Frontiers : National, Ethnic and Religious Differences in Partnerships”

1991 Pittsburgh, USA

“Impasses of Divorce: Which Ways Forward?”

1990 Rabat, Malta

“Violence and Families: Managing Conflict”

1989 Exeter, UK

“Sexual Abuse of Children within the Family: Balancing Private and Public Interest”

1988 Woudschooten, Netherlands

“Responding to Childlessness”

1987 Sigtuna, Sweden

“Equality in the Family: Anticipating the Consequences”

1986 Lisbon, Portugal

“Help in Decision-Making for Parents, Children and the Courts through Separation and Divorce”

1985 Milan, Italy

“Getting Married Today: The Expectations and Conflicts of Young Couples”

1984 Bellinter, Ireland

“Marriage and Work: Changing Values and Structures”

1983 Nuremberg, West Germany

“Second Marriages and Blended Families”

1982 Zurich, Switzerland

“Beyond Middle Age: Marriage and Family Relationships in Later Years”

1981 Toronto, Canada

“The Male Crisis: Implications for the Couple and the Family”

1980 Brugge, Belgium

“Self-fulfilment – Fulfilment of the Couple: New Approaches – Preparation, Prevention, Enrichment”

1979 Turku, Finland

“Aspects of Sexuality and Marriage Counselling”

1978 Vienna, Austria

“Two Becomes Three: The Birth of the First Child”

1977 Seville, Spain

“Marriage under Stress”

1976 Berlin, West Germany

“Violence in Marriage”

1975 Bolkesjø, Norway

“The Report on Marriage Guidance and Family Counselling: A Social Research Paper for the Council of Europe”

1974 Lage Vuursche, Utrecht, Netherlands

“State Intervention in Marriage and Personal Relationships”

1973 Rugby, UK

“The Middle Stages of Marriage”

1972 Montrouge-Paris, France

“The Changing Role of Women and its Impact on Marriage and Family Life”

1971 Malta

“New Counselling Techniques and Developments in Marriage Guidance”

1969 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

“The Implications for Marriage Guidance of our Growing Understanding of Human Sexuality”

1968 Vienna, Austria

“Stability or Creativity? Conflicting Values in Modern Marriage”

1967 Helsinki, Finland

“The Status of the Marriage Counsellor and the Role of the Media in Marriage Education”

1966 Madrid, Spain

“The Importance of Marriage Preparation as Preventive of Marriage Breakdown”

1965 Lausanne, Switzerland

“Problems of Young Families and New Questions in Counselling”

1964 Munich, Germany

“Spiritual Aspects of Marriage: Young People’s Sexual Behaviour Today on their Future Marriage”

1963 Milan, Italy

“Women’s Struggle for Equality” – “Selection and Training of Marriage Counsellors” – “The New Roles of the Husband and the Wife”

1962 Tours, France

“The Middle Years of Marriage”

1961 London, UK

“Marriage: The First Five Years”

1960 Düsseldorf, Germany

“Marriage Preparation”

1959 Zurich, Switzerland

“Population, Religion and Birth Control”

1957 Brussels, Belgium

“Marriage Guidance and Family Casework”

1956 London, UK

“What is Marriage Guidance?”

1955 Lausanne, Switzerland

“General Education for Marriage”

1954 Paris, France

“Study Days on Marriage Guidance Services”

1954 Stuttgart, Germany

“Marriage Preparation”

1953 Lisbon, Portugal

The Commission on Marriage Guidance has its first meeting as part of the “Journées Familiales Internationales” on “Families and Social Technics”