International Commission on Couple and Family Relations

Conference 2012 in Boston

ICCFR 59th Annual International Conference

‘Collaboration instead of Collision: Family Law, Social Policy and Joint Practice’

Family lawyers, social workers, mental health professionals and governmental social policy departments all have something critical in common: they work to protect and provide for the welfare of children. But they often approach this important work in different ways, which can lead to misperception and misunderstanding. This conference explores ways in which the various professions that work for children can collaborate to strengthen and enrich the services they provide to children and families, rather than to work in collision with one another.


Day 1, 14 June 2012:

18:00 – 21:00 Registration & Welcome Cocktail Reception

Day 2, 15 June 2012:

09:30 – 10:00 Welcome & Conference Opening

10:00 – 11:15 Keynote Presentation 1

Coffee break

11:45 – 13:15 Discussion Groups: Session 1


14:30 – 16.00  Workshops

16:00 – 17:00 Best Practice Briefing

Free evening

Day 3, 16 June 2012:

09:30 – 10:45 Keynote Presentation 2

Coffee break

11:15 – 12:45  Discussion Groups: Session 2


14:00 – 15.30 Workshops

18:00 Social Programme

Day 3, 17 June 2012:

09:30 – 10:45  Keynote Presentation 3

Coffee break

11:15 – 12:30  Discussion Groups: Session 3

Conference Close and Lunch


Conference Venue: Marriott Burlington Hotel and Resort

Conference Partners

  • The Suzie S. Thorn Foundation (a USA registered charity) was created in 1998 by Suzie S Thorn, Esq. The board members are Suzie S Thorn, Esq., Barney Whitehill, Barbara Burghart, Joe Thorn Jr. and Rhea Gong, CPA, executive administrator. The Mission of the Suzie S Thorn Family Foundation is to assist underprivileged women and children and support a variety of organizations, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The Law offices of Anne L. Berger


The Commission expresses much gratitude for the support given by the host country and organisations.

The Commission also acknowledges the generous financial support of the International Commission on Couple and Family Relations Trust (ICCFR Trust), which has received grants and donations from the AAMFL Foundation (the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Foundation), the IAML (International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers), the Suzie S Thorn Family Foundation and the Flemish and German Governments.

Keynote speeches:

Keynote 1:

‘How can we ask separating parents to collaborate in the interests of their children unless we are also prepared to collaborate?’
Presenters: Anne Hollonds, Mary Gleeson, Alan Hayes (Australia)


Keynote 2:

‘Personal development law and welfare’
Presenter: Eric Lancksweerdt (Belguim)


Keynote 3:

‘Is it child abuse and neglect or social policy gone awry?’
Presentation: ‘Saving the children from whom?’
Presenters: Susan Myres and Thomas L. Ausley (USA)