International Commission on Couple and Family Relations

Online Conference 2021: Recordings


Coping mechanisms and innovative responses from support systems

Introductory Keynote

  • Katharine Hill, UK Director of Care for the Family

Session 1: Monday, 08 November 2021: The impact of the pandemic on families and family support systems

  • Robert Simon, San Diego, USA: The Impact of the Pandemic on Family Support Practitioners
  • Sarah Hawker, Rome, Italy: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Self-esteem of European Families, Couples and Individuals


Session 2: 15 November 2021: Domestic violence: The pandemic inside the pandemic

  • Beverly Upton, San Francisco, USA: The View from San Francisco
  • Imelda Diouf, Johannesburg, South Africa: A South African Perspective


Session 3: 22 November 2021: The impact of the Covid pandemic on the family law court system

  • Caroline Harnois, Quebec, Canada: The Impact of the Pandemic in “La Belle Province”
  • Catherine Por, Hong Kong: The Impact of the Pandemic on the Legal System in Hong Kong