International Commission on Couple and Family Relations

Conference Archive

The annual international conferences held by ICCFR since 1953 cover topics reflecting the current activities and concerns of the members and those active in the field of couple and family relations. The conferences bring new initiatives and new thinking about couple and family relations to the attention of their participants and result in publications that reach a much greater readership worldwide. Conference reports are sent to the WFO and a range of interested governments, NGOs and professional bodies. These reports and the main conference papers are held in the database of GIDS (Institute of Sociology, KU Leuven, Belgium) and recent ones are available as separate publications.

The conferences also expand and revitalize the Commission’s active international network of family-related professionals and organizations and promote collaborative activity. Thus, with a minimum of bureaucracy, the worldwide exchange of information and experience is promoted among those whose work connects with and supports couple and family relations.

By responding to the invitations of national organizations or institutions, the Commission is able to ensure that its conferences are held in a different part of the world each year. About twenty countries are usually represented at these events.