International Commission on Couple and Family Relations

Call for presenters


17 – 19 June 2016, TRENTO, ITALY

‘Strong Families – Strong Communities’

The Enrichment of Family Relationships for the Common Good

In today’s society, which is characterised by overemphasis on individuality and a decreased emphasis on communal well-being, the idea of family as a “social unit” worth preserving is often overshadowed. This results in individuals engaged in a lonely struggle, an isolated subjectivity, attempting to tackle tasks without adequate equipment, and institutional interventions with limited policies mainly directed at individuals, not giving sufficient consideration to the family relationships that could support them. The aim of the conference is to highlight the concept of family as a social subject that produces human, relational and social capital; family seen as the main place of solidarity and ‘humanisation’ of the individual and society. Speakers and workshop presenters will examine the topic from the perspective of the three main axes of concern of ICCFR: Policy, Therapy and Family Law.

Keynote presentations from different parts of the world, backed up by workshops allowing participants to share experiences and learn new skills, will form the major part of the conference. The ICCFR community seeks new connections with students, academics and practitioners with expertise in the areas of its focus.

ICCFR is accepting proposals for workshops. The workshops will last for 1.5 hours. If you are interested in presenting or co-presenting a workshop, please send an abstract of no more than 200 words describing your proposed workshop, together with a brief CV and your contact information.

Please note that the deadline for the proposals is 31 January 2015. ICCFR is unable to guarantee consideration of incomplete proposals or those submitted after the deadline. Submission via e-mail would be preferable, to be addressed to 

Anne Berger, ICCFR Chair                                 Email: smallberger [@]

Christine Galea, ICCFR Board Member      Email: christine_galea_ [@] hotmail [.] com