International Commission on Couple and Family Relations


Documentation of 63rd annual international Conference 2016: Trent0, Italy (document in Italian)

ICCFR 2016 Trento Documentation IT (13.2 MiB)

ICCFR 2016 Trento English Programm

ICCFR 2016 Trento English Programm (2.5 MiB)

Opening: Francesco Belletti: Opening Speech

ICCFR Trento 2016 Belletti (107.2 KiB)

Opening: Anne Berger: Introductory remarks

ICCFR Trento 2016 Berger (85.5 KiB)

Keynote: Carlo Rimini: Operation and enforcement of judgements relative to parenting responsibilities

ICCFR Trento 2016 Rimini (26.8 KiB)

Keynote: Sabine Walper: Helping relationships and empowerment of families

ICCFR Trento 2016 Walper (90.8 KiB)

Workshop 1: Francesca Gennai: La Cooperazione a sostegno des benessere die uns comunitia (EN)

ICCFR Trento 2016 WS 1 Gennai (142.2 KiB)

Workshop 1: Giuliana Gilli: The commitment of the municipality of Roncegno Terme in building and coordinating the Distretto Famiglia - Familly Disctrict

ICCFR Trento 2016 WS 1 Gilli (525.0 KiB)

Workshop 1: Elena Macchioni: How the family can be a resource for the society?

ICCFR Trento 2016 WS 1 Macchioni (176.2 KiB)

Workshop 1: Carmen Noldin: How to develop and maintain networks and nets of networks

ICCFR Trento 2016 WS 1 Noldin (2.0 MiB)

Workshop 3: Osmo Kontula: Together or apart? Keys to happy relationships and reasons for seperation among Finnsih couples

ICCFR Trento 2016 WS 3 Kontula (2.8 MiB)

Workshop 7: Elisabeth Schmutz: Servicestelle „Netzwerk Familie stärken“ - a central service point for institutions supporting families

ICCFR Trento 2016 WS 7 Schmutz (105.2 KiB)

Workshop 9: Lina Kashyap: Developing Family Studies as a discipline internationally: the creation of a graduate program in international family studies

ICCFR Trento 2016 WS 9 Kashyap (114.4 KiB)

Keynote: Prof. Pierpaolo Donati: The family as a source of relational goods

ICCFR_Trento_2016_donati.pdf (219.6 KiB)