Call for Workshop Presenters

Call for Presenters for the May 2023 Conference, Newport, Wales

The Call For Presenters deadline has passed.

The International Commission on Couple and Family Relations is pleased to announce its programme for 2022/23.

Based in the UK, the ICCFR is an international organization offering a unique opportunity for social services, caring professionals, legal and policy experts to convene and examine contemporary issues affecting diverse families. Established in 1953, the ongoing networking value of relationships cultivated through ICCFR is unparalleled.

The 2022/23 programme will consist of Webinars and an in-person Conference to be held on 12–14 May 2023 with the theme:

The family offers a lifetime foundation to build resilience and elasticity

This year’s theme acknowledges the impact recent world events have had and are still having on families. Specifically, families have been challenged to maintain an environment where members can cope, adapt, transition, celebrate and even grieve when the larger community is generally unstable.

ICCFR proposes to examine the strengths of families during these difficult times.

Some of the aspects that may be included are:

  • The intergenerational connections in the family during the pandemic
  • The economic repurcussions of instability on the family
  • The impact of global trauma on the couple relationship
  • The challenges for parents
  • The impact on families besieged by war
  • The interruption of education and its impact on children
  • The role of technology during and after the pandemic

This is not a comprehensive list of topics, but it is representative of those topics that might stimulate, educate and inform our Webinar and Conference attendees.

May 2023 Conference Workshop Presenter Application

The in-person Conference, hosted by UK charity Care for the Family (, is scheduled to take place on 12–14 May 2023.

Care for the Family provides a wide range of support in three key areas of family life – marriage, parenting and bereavement. The Conference venue is Care for the Family’s multi-purpose site in Newport, Wales (west of London, 90 min. train ride from Paddington Station).

The Conference Workshop is an excellent opportunity for practitioners to share their work, train international colleagues and facilitate further discussion of practical applications of ideas.  The value of initiating and maintaining international connections cannot be overstated.

We are planning six 90-minute Workshops at the Conference.

Please submit your Conference Workshop abstract describing your subject (no more than 200 words), together with a brief CV and your contact information.

Send to: Deadline for Conference abstracts: 1 December 2022. The abstracts will be screened and reviewed by representatives from ICCFR. We will notify all applicants of the outcome of their submissions.

A reduction in the 150 GBP Conference registration fee of 50 GBP is offered to individual Workshop presenters; if there are multiple presenters for one Workshop, the 50 GBP reduction is shared between them.

Thank you for your interest in ICCFR