Subtopics for 2022/23

The theme of the ICCFR 2022/23 conference/webinars is:

The family offers a lifetime foundation to build resilience and elasticity

We have developed the following subtopics on which to focus in 2022/23. These subtopics will be highlighted in our programming for webinars, seminars, articles and conferences.

Watch this site for further details in the coming weeks.


  • Do we build resilience during good times or bad?
  • The Great Resignation and impact on families, on society, on an economy
  • Trends in divorce, separation, and issues related to children
  • How does a family member with a disability impact a family?
  • Do societal violence and global authoritarianism impact family dynamics (e.g. couples, parenting)?
  • The evolution of gender roles and expectations within the family