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2022/23: 68th ICCFR annual conference, Newport, Wales, and webinars

We are delighted to announce the theme for the 68th ICCFR annual conference and webinars, 2022/23:

The family offers a lifetime foundation to build resilience and elasticity

Families are changing, and so are the definitions of what a family is. Marriage and partnerships too have evolved into a variety of different forms and understandings. Indeed, every member of a family and every individual in a couple has a unique role, perspective and array of concerns and aspirations. How do these changes affect relationships within families and between couples? How do families support the elderly, the young, children, the vulnerable or those estranged from the heart of the home? What lifestyle changes are people making because of the evolution of different forms of family and couple?

These considerations have become more pressing and more visible during the ongoing pandemic, when resilience, patience and compassion have been tested to an unusual degree, often leading to a recalibration of our values and priorities.

With this theme, the ICCFR will encourage conversation, information sharing and debate, where practitioners from around the world can find knowledge and insights, as well as beneficial practical resources for their valuable work.


12-14 May 2023, at Care for the Family Headquarters, Newport, Wales, UK

Tovey House, Cleppa Park, Newport NP10 8BA

Further details of the conference will be posted here as soon as they are available. We look forward to your participation.